We manage your relationship with the PEO
After Sales Service

When you choose to go with a PEO Experts Preferred Provider you always receive the best service available. Our close relationships with our providers allow us to solve any problem quickly with the least hassle.

You have both the resources of PEO Experts and the PEO Experts Preferred Provider at your disposal.

Any problems, issues or concerns, make your first call to your PEO Experts Account Representative.

We are your one point of contact.

Next Managing the Business:

1. Your sales representative will transition into an account representative available 24/7
2. Call us to fix problems i.e. certificates of insurance, missed checks or any other issue or request
3. We check-in with you on a weekly, monthly, quarterly basis to ensure you are receiving the best service possible
4. We provide on-going consultation to support the ever changing and developing needs of your business

With PEO Experts you get the best of both worlds: the size and efficiencies of a PEO with the personal direct service of a PEO Experts Account Representative