We cut approval time in half!
Approval & Review

Our experience and relationships with our Preferred Providers allow us to price competitively, handle any off the wall situation quickly and smooth out your operations.

We only recommend one provider from our PEO Experts Preferred Provider Network.

The best option to serve you!

Next Approval & Review:

1. We determine which PEO from our network can provide you with the best products and services for the most competitive price to achieve the goals of the plan
2. We work with our Preferred Provider to prepare a detailed quote and client service agreement (contract)
3. We process all paperwork to get you approved
4. We walk you through the client service agreement step-by-step
5. We provide all necessary paperwork (employee applications, medical applications, etc…) to execute the client service relationship and get you enrolled in the program.
6. We facilitate a smooth transition amongst all the parties

Our strong relationships with our PEO Preferred Providers allow us to handle much of the underwriting in-house, ensuring you quick approval.

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