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Payroll Administration

According to the Department of Labor it costs the average business one-third to two-thirds more to provide the administrative services a PEO Experts Preferred Provider can deliver!

Once you add up the time you and your staff spends calculating hours worked, vacation times, bonuses, tax filings and deductions, you will quickly find hiring a PEO Experts Preferred Provider can save you money!

Payroll services include:

1. Calculating Gross pay, deductions & net pay
2. Hourly, salary, commission, per diem, piecework, advances and draws
3. All employee payments drawn from the PEO Experts Preferred Provider's bank account:
4. Payroll checks
5. Direct Deposit
6. Debit Cards
7. Wage garnishments & Tax lien collections
8. Certified payroll
9. Maintain payroll records
10. Process expense checks
11. Statements and check reconciliation
12. On-line, telephone or fax input

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