We promise to save you money on your Workers' Comp. insurance
Workers' Compensation Insurance

Are you currently managing the increasing burdens of workers' comp. diligently?

A poorly managed workers' compensation policy or a significant accident claim could cripple your company if you are unprepared.

We are the best in the business when it comes to properly coding your employees, procuring maximum rate discounts and managing the complexity and liability of your policy.

Ask us how we can help protect your business from costly workplace injuries through comprehensive coverage and customized safety programs.

A PEO Experts Preferred Provider will:

1. Provide coverage with no deposits: Pay as you Go
2. Cover hard-to-place businesses
3. Provide same day provision of certificates
4. Ease your administrative burdens and reduce your liability
5. Process and file workers' comp. claims
6. Investigate claims
7. Monitor employee and claim adjuster activities
8. Aggressively manage claims to a quick resolution
9. Maintain medical referral networks for employees
10. Develop Return-to-Work (RTW) programs
11. Protect your Ex-Mod factor
12. Proper filing of Workers' Comp. codes
13. No workers' comp audits at year end

With PEO Experts you can reduce your risk, reduce your cost and reduce the anxiety of workers' comp. insurance.

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